Noitide, Andiran Region History

Andiran. The eastern region of the Galfin continent. A land rich with diversity and saturated with a deep history. From what is known in ancient texts, the Age of Prosperity began when the gods made themselves known to the people of Andiran and showered their blessing across the land. The people, at first, were very humble and appreciated the gifts of the gods. They built magnificent temples and shrines to honor and praise them. Angels roamed the skies and watched over the populous. The land prospered for hundreds of years.

Near the end of the age, in the capitol city of Apulon, dark shadows began to arise. Attacks started to occur in outlying villages and rumors of demonic rituals began to arise. Sightings of vampires and werewolves began popping up throughout the city. Lords across Andiran, manipulated by demons, began revolting against Apulon and the Great War began. The war raged on for years, humans fighting humans, angels fighting demons, until a victor stood. King Stelthizar of Apulon came out victorious and reunited the land.

However, little did Stelthizar know that all the demonic presences were not gone. One particularly powerful demon had corrupted Stelthizars oldest son Tyranus by giving him an ancient dagger artifact that corrupted his mind. Tyranus became obsessed with taking the throne and eventually killed his father and took control over Apulon’s military. The following years were dark for the land and no one could oppose Tyranus with his cursed dagger.

One night, when Tyranus was drunk and celebrating the victory of a battle, his younger brother Tyrone, accompanied with his body guard Brutus and a fair maiden, were able to kill the tyrant by beating him to death with a ladle. Tyrone took the throne back, hid the artifact, and ushered in a new age of peace.

For 4000 years Andiran prospered, and the dagger faded from memory.

Noitide, Andiran Region History

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